Being home I have had plenty of time to reflect on how much the world has changed. I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions, many that I'm sure you have also went through yourself. I spent some of my time painting a mural on the shop, this project was so much fun! Which you can view more pictures on my Instagram page.

 Its been wonderful to see what people are doing around the world with hearts and kind words in their windows and chalk activities that fill sidewalks to spread happiness.

This Sunset Series is about being home to watch the sunrise and sunset seeing the trees go from bare limbs to full of leaves casting shadows over the luscious green grass and structures, flowers blooming and enriching the windswept landscapes. All the colors of nature that you are surrounded by everyday, blissful and serene Environment that bring you back to life and being able to see it even if your not outside lets you know its there and its waiting for you to enjoy it's peaceful beauty.